Pool Filter

Pool Filter

How often should I clean my pool filter?

A clean filter greatly contributes to keeping your pool water clear and sparkling. It also allows your sanitizer to work more effectively. A clear, sparkling pool looks attractive, operates smoothly and adds to your enjoyment.

Over the length of a pool season, daily filter cycles and routine vacuuming can lead to build-up of dirt, grease, oil and scale that routine backwashing cannot remove. This build-up will lead to reduced filtration efficiency of the pool filter. Then you get cloudy, murky water that encourages algae growth and reduces the effectiveness of your pool maintenance products. Using Filter and Cartridge Cleaner removes oil, grease, dirt and scale from D.E., sand and cartridge filters. You end up promoting better filtration, clearer water, lower maintenance costs and longer filter cycles. It is recommended that pool filters be cleaned at least two times during a pool season – mid-summer and in the fall – or more often if needed. The filter should also be cleaned at spring opening if it wasn’t cleaned as part of the pool closing procedure in the fall.

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